4 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. One good thing a day… I like that. I enjoyed reading your story and knowing where you came from and how far you’ve gotten. I, too, will one day be fit, thin, and strong.

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  2. Dear Mr. 1_goodthingaday,

    Thanks for posting this and more so thanks for allowing me the privilege of reading it. The version of you that arrived out West was the only version of you that I ever knew. I had no idea that it wasn’t the past you but more of a you that had been created to offset the one that you felt needed work.

    Your journey sounds challenging and I am glad that your mind has been made up and that you are going to own that challenge (while of course, kicking it’s ass). I will enjoy watching your journey and please reach out if you ever need anything that I could help you with. I am here for you, my friend.

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