Has this ever been a typical you? You are flying through an awesome stretch of life. You have done so well. You are down 35 lbs and flying high.

Walking around, head up, chest puffed out. Look at me, I got this!

And then RUH ROH (scooby doo voice), Houston we have a problem. Life happens. You go away for a wedding, there is a death in the family, you drank to much and indulged for a weekend.

Just like your Goal Planning to lose the weight or start the fitness. You need to put measures in place, a safety net so to speak. Someone or something that will answer the call.

Here are some suggestions. Have a friend or a spouse be a regular check in partner for how you are doing. Someone that will push you, not say it’s ok and pass you more chocolate. On your weekly weigh in, put a limit on how much you can put on before you start fasting or whatever you do. This is more for people that have hit their goal weight. Concentrate on #1goodthingaday to motivate you.

I know it gets dark sometimes, it is all mental. Learn your switches so that you are prepared for backslide!

Published by 1_goodthingaday

Avid Positive Mind leads to a happy healthy body mindset.

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